The Appointment App You Need.

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get your own app in the app stores. and stop competeing with them for no reason

Be A barber With less Effort.

We don't charge for features like them.

Custom Mobile App

No more competeing with other shops around your area. Get your own booking app in the app stores.
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Walk-in Kiosk

Walk-ins That don't want to use an app? Tell them to pick a time and service on the Kiosk.
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In App Messaging

No more giving your number out or replying to social media messages of "Got any openings?". You and them can just message right in your app.
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After Hour Services

Willing to stay late, but don't want to negotiate prices? Enable after hour services and set your prices and the days of the week and time.
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For By a Barber

"As a barber and a Barbershop owner. I used almost every single booking platform availble. Some worked well but cost way to much. Some were cheap but were limited. I thought there had to be a better way. I was wrong. So I created my won."
-Shawn M Owner of Barbercita