Questions and Anwsers

How does Barbercita actually work?

Barbercita lets your have your very own app in both app stores.
This will be your app, your shops name as the apps name, your icon on your clients phone.
Once signed up you will just have two things to do. Download Barbercita to you and your Barbers phones.
This app will be the app you use for things like scheduling and managing your shop.
The next is share your app to your clients for them to book with

Do I have to submit a new app everytime I change

No. You'll never have to resubmit your app. Every modification you do will be live. The only time your app changes is if Barbercita makes backend changes, which will be auto submitted and your clients will recieve a "update your app to the newest version" in their app stores.

Do you offer help with setup?

Yes we do. Even though we're confident you wont need help with any setup. Yes we are glad to help you throughout and even after.

Is there a easy way for me to share my app with my clients?

Yes, We offer a free Qr Code builder from your dashboard. Just design the QR Code and select what url/link you want it to use or enter a custom one even. Once generated, you'll download the QR Code image and you can share or even print it to use to share your app.

What is a Walk-in Kiosk?

A walk-in kiosk is an addtional feature from Barbercita, that allows you to display a screen on a tablet to your clients that choose to walk-in. Some of our clients also use a tv monitor to display the Barber's schedule above the tablet. The tablet will display a screen that looks similar to your app but doesnt require and login or credit card info. They will simply walk up slect "Check In", click a Barber's name or "ANY", select a service and then select a time. Click book and enter their name and phone number. 

We are looking to provide tablets and monitors for sale in the future.


Shawn M from Barbercita