Business Insurance

For Owners and barbers

Why do barbers and Shop Owners Need Insurance?

Running a barbershop is like performing a delicate ballet with razors—most times it's smooth and graceful, but occasionally, oops, someone gets nicked. Or even worse, imagine if a little shave turned into a big infection scare. Yikes! That's when liability insurance isn’t just nice; it’s a must-have. It covers those 'oops' moments—from the accidental slip of a razor to the rare but real infection boo-boo. Because let's face it, even the best barbers can have an off day, and in this world where everyone shares everything online, the last thing you need is a small mishap turning into a social media circus. So, suit up with that insurance like it’s your knight’s armor. It’s your silent partner in making sure your shop isn't just known for great cuts but also for being safe and professional, no matter what happens.

The Solution


To protect you from claims of harm caused by services your provided to a client


To protect you from claims of harm that happen within your place of business

Equipment Coverage

To protect you from claims of harm caused by services your provided to a client

The Risks

Personal Property Damage

This coverage is your business's safety net. It repairs or replaces your space and stuff, up to your set limit

Business Property Damage

Fire or theft can skyrocket your business property costs. Covered losses save you from these financial shocks


Sued because someone slipped on your wet floor? Coverage kicks in to handle the legal mess.


Coverage aids lost income and fixed costs like rent or payroll while your business repairs.


This coverage steps in if someone gets hurt on your property, shielding you from those lawsuits


A fire damages your shop, forcing you to close until repairs are done. Example: like during a pandemic.

The Need

Do barbers legally need Liability and Property Insurance?

So, you’re wielding shears and razors all day, making people look sharp. But do you need to back up those tools with some legal paperwork in the form of insurance? Let’s slice through the confusion and see what’s really required, state by state.

What’s the Legal Scoop?

Liability insurance might not be just your safety net—it could be the law. Depending on where you hang your barber pole, some states might make it a must-have. This isn’t just the government being nosy; it’s about protecting your clients’ noggins and your pocket. Barbershop leases almost always contractually require the business to have GL and Property (BOP) insurance. landlords will often ask for a certificate of insurance or to be added as an Additional Insured. They could be in violation of their lease and be evicted if they don't have this insurance.

State-Specific: Requirements

While not all states shout from the rooftops about mandatory insurance for barbers, some do whisper pretty loudly that you better have it. For example here is three bigger states:

  • California: Here, if you own a barber shop, having liability insurance is as essential as avocados for your toast. It’s all about ensuring that if something goes snip-snap in the wrong way, you’re covered.
  • New York: In the state where fashion meets finance, liability insurance is your best friend. It’s not explicitly required by the state board, but many leases and local regulations won’t let you operate without it.
  • Texas: They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that includes the need for liability insurance if you own a barber shop. It’s not just recommended; in many cases, it’s part of being a responsible business owner.

Why Bother with Insurance If It’s Not Legally Required?

Just because the law doesn’t demand it, doesn’t mean it’s not a darn good idea. Imagine accidentally turning someone’s luxury mullet into a party in the front and nothing in the back. Without liability insurance, your financials could take a bigger hit than your client’s hairdo.

Bottom Line

Even if it’s not engraved in legal stone, insurance for barbers is less about legality and more about sanity. It keeps your business smooth shaving, even when things get a bit hairy. And let’s be honest, who wants to gamble with their livelihood over a few dollars a day?