What about Barbercita

How does barbercita work
Barbercita isn't just another barbershop booking system; it’s your gateway to simplicity with a dash of sophistication. Kick things off easily and dive deeper with advanced settings whenever you fancy. With Barbercita, launch not just a tool but a whole suite: your very own custom mobile app splashed with your business name on the App Store and Google Play, your personal website, a kiosk for self-check-ins, and a quick booking page. Handle appointments, sell products, and maybe even take over the world—all through your custom app in the app stores.

Who is Barbercita For?

Barbercita is like that cool tool for barbershops and barbers who are tired of playing hide and seek in those cluttered directory apps. Want your very own app in the app stores? That's what we thought. With Barbercita, you get to shine on your own digital stage without jostling for the spotlight with every other shop in town. It's like having your own private booking club where clients can find and book you directly—no gatecrashers, no elbowing through a crowd of competitors. Perfect for anyone who’s ever thought, 'Hey, my shop’s too cool to just be another face in the app crowd.

How does it work?

1. Your Own App

Get a custom mobile app for you and or your Barbers in the app stores.

2. Customize

Customize your app in every detail to match you and your shop.

3. Set Settings

Set details for everything in settings and submit to the app stores.

What makes using barbercita better than other apps?

Think of Barbercita as your shop’s personal VIP room in the crowded nightclub of booking apps. Why mingle with the masses on The Cut or Booksy when you can have your own exclusive spot? With Barbercita, it’s not about being just another listing. Nope, it’s about having your own app—a place where your clients can book directly with you, no distractions. It’s like being the only shop in town that clients see. No competing for attention, no getting lost in a sea of other barbers. Plus, who wants to share a spotlight when you can have the whole stage to yourself? That’s Barbercita—less like a noisy marketplace, more like your personal booking butler, always ready to make your life easier and your business buzzier.

No Seriously, Barbercita lets you have your very own app in the app stores for your clients to book with. Other apps like The Cut and Booksy essentially make you a result in a directory; competeing with other shops and Barbers based off of things like the amount of comments and reviews, resulting you you being result number 44 in a city because they got every single client to leave more reviews. When a client can't get in with you what stops them from just selecting andother shop or Barber? This is all in combination with they nickle and dime features. Check out our pricing comparsion page for all of that mess.

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