After Hour Services

After-Hours Services: Your Shop Never Sleeps

Who says business hours have to be boring? With Barbercita’s after-hours services feature, your barbershop can turn the “closed” sign into a “come on in, we’re still rocking!” sign. It’s all about giving your clients what they want, when they want it—even if that’s outside your regular business hours.

Set Your Time, Set Your Price

Barbercita makes it easy: just toggle the after-hours option on your dashboard, choose the days you’re willing to stay late, and set your special after-hours pricing. Want to charge a little extra for those 8 PM haircuts? Go for it. It’s your time, and now it’s your dime, too​ (Barbercita)​.

Clients Book, You Relax

Once you’ve set the stage for after-hours services, your clients can see these options available directly in their booking app. They can choose a time that suits their schedule, even if it’s late in the evening when the rest of the town has slowed down. For them, it’s convenience at its best; for you, it’s extra business at no extra hassle​ (Barbercita)​.

Flexibility Meets Demand

This feature is a game-changer for both clients and barbers. Clients love the flexibility—life doesn’t always stick to a 9-to-5 schedule, and now, neither does their barber. For barbers, it means the ability to tap into a new segment of customers who need those off-hour cuts and are willing to pay a premium for them​ (Barbercita)​.

Boost Your Shop’s Income

Offering services after hours isn’t just about being available; it’s about being available at the right price. By setting premium rates for after-hours appointments, you create an additional revenue stream that helps boost your shop’s income. It’s smart business—catering to customer needs while valuing your time and expertise​ (Barbercita)​.

Make Your Shop Stand Out

In a sea of 9-to-5 businesses, be the 24/7 lighthouse. This feature sets your shop apart as a go-to spot for those who need flexibility in their grooming schedule. It’s a shining example of how your business adapts to customer needs, making your shop a standout in the competitive market​ (Barbercita)​.

Barbercita’s after-hours services allow you to extend your opening times on your terms. It’s a simple setup with a significant payoff: happier clients and a healthier bottom line. So why stick to the traditional hours when you can flourish any time of day—or night?