What We Offer:


Barbercita provides users (owners and Barbers) with their very own custom app in the app stores to provide a solution for their clients to book with. Other services provide a client with a way to search for a Barber or Barbershop and the results will often be a directory of nearby Barbers and Shops based on ratings and comments and a number of appointments. The other booking services such as Booksy always win because no matter what service you use, the user downloads an app and searches for Barbers and or barbershops near them and choose from the nearby searchs. When you book they take a percentage of that transaction. Barbers and Shops often and unknowingly are fighting for business, because a client is seeing their results based on how many comments, transactions, and or reviews a user has. Normally picking the highest one shown. 


Barbercita offers flat packages with all features such as

Custom Push Notifications, Text messaging, Emails: Send out custom push, text, or email notifications to specific clients or all clients. Running a promo and want your clients to know? Just notify them.

Barber and Owner dashboards:

Walk-in Kisoks: Your clients who come off the street can walk up to a tablet and a tv screen and check in to any barber or a specific barber at the nearest time available or a specific time.

Barbershop Product Shop: Offer your clients products with your shop inside your app. When they shop they add to their cart and checkout when they book their appointments or just checkout with the products.

After-Hour Services: Barbers can stay until a selected time after closing on selected days. Stay till 8 pm on Friday when you normally close at 6 pm. State you will stay late but your services have a different price range. Normally your regular haircut is $25, After hours it is $50. When the client is selecting available times, They will see "After Hours times" on Friday and select the time and the newly priced haircut. You'll get a notification to either accept or deny the appointment in your dashboard.


Many more features such as a product shop and Barber/ Owner income tracking, Charging customers cards for no shows and cancellations, About sections and galleries for Barbers, Away notifications when a Barber is away on vacation, and Schedule management.



Their Fees and pricing:




Booksy: $29.99 a month + $20 per month per additional Barber. Example 1 owner + 4 barbers= $109.99+ ONE-TIME COMMISSION FEE+ TAX per month. Plus 30% for any new client.


Vagaro: $25.00 a month + $10 per month per additional staff member. Example 1 owner + 4 additional staff members = $65.00 + Tax per month.


Acuity Scheduling: Acuity is not designed specifically for Barbers or even Salons. It is just a generic online booking platform. Their pricing is package based. $15 for one staff member, $23 for up to 6, and $45 for up to 35. Although priced decently. It is not designed for the hair industry at all.


The Cut App: The Cut is for individual barbers. This makes no sense to any barbershop that wants to promote the shop as a whole and or have their clients book in one single place. Not many shops operate as extremely independent shops even if they have independant barbers. If you have 5 barbers and they all use different booking services. Your clients will be confused. What if they offer different pricing too? Not only are you competing with other barbers in the near by search results, you competing with the barbers within your shop. The Cut App is $20 per month per barber + 2.7% + 10 cents for every transaction in fees. For example, if you do 40 clients per week at $25 per transaction= $31 in fees alone per week. Totaling $124 a month... That's not even counting your actual monthly fee... Oh ya, they offer a free $20 card reader.


Let's recap..


They charge more and offer less and want a piece of each one of your appointments all while fighting other shops and barbers for clients. We offer more and charge less and you do not fight the competition.



Shawn The Barber