🔧 Updates

Aug 8th 2023

  • Fixed-Kiosk Errors
  • Fixed-Barber's unable to search client list from barbercita app as a barber.
  • Fixed-Pricing plans were not updating when changed.
  • Fixed-Onboarding error: When a new owner went to sign up it would allow them to get to the last step before alerting there was an error on step 1 or step 2.
  • Fixed-After Hours not disabling after barber toggled to off inside barbercita app.
  • Fixed-Ghost notifciation emails. Barbers were receiving the occasional email notification with no infomation.
  • Fixed- Barber's were not receiving after hour cancellation notifcations.

🚀 New features  Coming Soon

  • Ability to add notes to clients profile for future refrence.
  • A more robust Barber reports page that would include chair utilization time ( how many hours per day chair is full vs empty
  • A improved fix for failed card charges, For example a no show client has a card on file and when you charge them the card fails because they disabled their card through their banking app. A semi fix would be to have the card on file disabled and then prompt the client next time they go to book an appointment that before continuign they must add a new card and pay for privious appointment.
  • Special Day Discounts, GIve the owner
  • Booth Rent And commsion payment portal. Allowing barbers to pay their booth rent and or recieve their commison directly through Barbercita.
  • More to come...

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